He fell in to my life

This is Crook. My coworker and I were on a walk during our lunch hour when we heard faint, but frantic meowing. We followed the sound and saw a kitten dangling from a tree high above the main road in town. She stopped traffic while I stood below the tree branch. The kitten fell safely in to my arms. We returned to work and I placed him in one of our exam rooms (I worked for a doctor) until days end, then took him home. I posted his photo in the paper, called the local vet and animal control to see if he was lost. When no one claimed him my husband and I decided to keep him. We named him Crook because he looked like he was wearing a robbers mask, had a crook in his tail, and stole our hearts. He is now 12-years old and still an amazing cat. He continues to suckle himself to sleep, either on my husbands arm or my neck. He is extremely vocal, playful, strong and smart. He is our big boy weighing in at 25 lbs. He is an indoor kitty (because we live where there are coons and coyotes) but loves going for long walks when the weather is nice. I leash trained him so we go out a lot. All of our neighbors know him, and he trots up to them chattering away for loves. He even will go on walks w/ the local dogs, who he's befriended, and vice versa. I can't imagine my life w/out him and am so thankful that he literally dropped in to my life.
Wendy Gnau
Lincoln City, OR