Heather's Kitties

In Phoenix, stray cats give birth to litters all over the place. But my 14-year-old granddaughter was still surprised when these four adorable faces peeked out of the shrubs around their pool. The next day when she went to look for them, the mother had moved them...but where? Heather and her brother, Jacob, knocked on doors and put up flyers all over the neighborhood until they had located the litter. They put the 5-week olds in a box and took them home. They were wild, hissey little bundles of fur that wanted nothing to do with humans for the first week or so, but with patience and gentleness have turned into loving pets...yes, they kept them all! They have regular vet visits and are all spayed/neutered. The boys are Yin and Yang and the girls are Willow and Cocoa Chanel. They are very entertaining and bring much joy to the house.
Janice G
Rio Rancho, NM