Heaven Sent FoxyGirl

Little FoxyGirl is now a 35 pound Tn bred Mountain Feist squirrel dog. We got her from a young college girl who could not care for her and her energetic needs. Wild would be the word.. We hoped she would keep our much older Lab/spaniel mix Becky, active and prolong her life with us. FoxyGirl was happy to take the job of being #2 dog in the house, and played happily with the old girl. After a year Becky developed cancer and FoxyGirl was at her side constantly until we had to put her to sleep. Since then FoxyGirl has taken on the role of #1 dog. She loves it. Has her own hand made afghans on chairs, couch, our bed and her pillows. Loves her comforts, and is spoiled beyond words. She is surely heaven sent and has filled our hearts with "puppy love"... She really has it made, but we are the lucky ones..
Ray and Sue
Dafter, MI