Many years ago, I put in cat doors for my sweet cat Cow so he could come and go as he pleased. One day, Hootie showed up. She was a young cat and a Manx. She was also very smart. She hung around outside with Cow, who accepted her immediately, so I started feeding her. She figured out the cat doors within a few days and made herself at home inside. Once she got in, I got her fixed and, to this day, she rarely goes back outside. She likes to go out for 15 minutes or so in the morning to check on the catnip I have planted in a container. She doesn't like to groom herself, so I have to get her professionally groomed every month and she seems to enjoy it. Cow has long since passed, but Hootie is still with me. She is about 16 now and still going strong. She has become demanding in her old age and pokes me with her paw when she wants her treats and follows me everywhere. When I am in my office (where I don't allow cats), she plaintively meows at the door until I come out. I often ask her how such a high maintenance cat made it on the streets before finding her forever home. I didn't know I needed another cat, but I am certainly glad she found me and I hope she's with me for a very long time to come!
Hootie's Mom
Sacramento, CA