House full Of Perfect Misfits

We adopted Fiona, the Catahoula Leopard Dog shown to the right, through When I went to meet her she jogged in the room, climbed up onto the futon I was sitting on, and laid her little head in my lap. It was enough to make me say within 30 seconds of meeting her, "WHERE DO I SIGN!?" She is an absolute angel and has been since the day we brought her home. She has the best personality and is such a loving, amazing, intelligent dog!! About a year later, we "saved" her best friend Snoopy, whom is a Pitbull/Boxer mix. The owner couldn't pay for the food and care that a dog needs so he tried to "let him go" on a four-lane business route, but Snoopy was too loyal to run away. We talked the owner into letting me come to meet Snoop, and when I arrived, they already had his bags packed and he had a large scrape on his nose. They insisted it was "No big deal, he must've just gotten into a fight with a neighborhood dog." It looked like a pavement scrape, and I imagined Snoopy in a "near-accident" with a vehicle. I instantly loaded him into the truck and we never looked back. I couldn't leave him there another minute, for fear of his life! Also, our shelters will not adopt out Pitbulls, so if he were to be picked up, he would not leave the shelter alive. The two combined are the best companions we could ever ask for, and we are so grateful that we were lucky enough to be blessed with such angels, sad to think they were ever labeled "unwanted." We take them on vacation with us, spoil em' rotten, and look forward to their wonderful personalities every day!
Niles, MI