How Bambi Came to Be With Lucky and Friends

Bambi was thrown out onto a Quarry at the Cave Hill in Belfast. She was brought to 7th Animal Rescue Trust. Her photo appeared on the trust's website and we fell in love with her instantly. She came home to our Abode in east Belfast on the 16th Of February 2008 after Lucky's Mum Treacle had been put to sleep after a short battle with Cancer at the age of 14. At first Bambi had to be kept in her safe room which just happened to be my brothers bedroom.. When Lucky went to bed at night Bambi would come alive and run around upstairs and down in the early hours of the morning..Keeping everyone awake. Bambi has very strange litter habits, she would do her number 2's outside her litter tray and then she would scrape all the litter out of the tray untill she buries what she has done. We would not swap Bambi for anyother cat, yes! she may have strange habits but she is the cutest animal in the whole wide world.
Helen Madden
Belfast, United Kingdom