How can you resist me?

Hamilton, a very handsome American Pit Bull Terrier/Chocolate Labrador Retriever male, was born along with 10 siblings in the cold October Missouri weather in 2008. His mother was not being properly fed by her owner so she had turned the puppies away. A dedicated bully breed rescue group in the Kansas City area came along and was able to talk the owner into taking 3 of the pups. Hamilton was one of the lucky ones. 'Hamster' was fed, medically treated, socialized and shown how a dog should be treated. After 12 weeks in foster care Hammy was adopted into a loving home. Hammy has gained over 10 pounds in almost two months and is almost as tall as his 3 and a 1/2 year old Bull Terrier sister. Although he adores his big sister and big brother, a 3 year old American Bulldog, he can't wait until he matches them in weight. For all the times they picked on him because he was 'Hamster.' Along with his sister and brother, Hammy shares his home with his mother and father. His mother showers each of them with love daily and even though his father would never admit it out loud, he enjoys having the three canine children around too. Although Hammy loves the rural countryside, he cannot wait until his father receives orders for them to PCS (move) so he can experience the big world out there. So many smells and so little time....
Geniece B. Medsker
Waynesville, MO