How could you not fall in love with this sad face?

I'm not ready for another dog, I kept telling myself, after losing my beloved yellow lab to oral melanoma several months before. But one day I decided to browse Petfinder and I fell in love with a sad basset hound who looked like her world was shattered. Of all the pages and pages of adorable dogs, Jill stood out. I knew nothing about basset hounds, but I instantly fell in love. I forwarded her picture to a few friends and family and they urged me to adopt her. At 91 pounds,it was not going to be easy for her to find a new home. She was lucky, though, her previous owner loved her and spoiled her, but she was an older woman with medical issues and could no longer care for her. So Ms. Jill was about to lose the only family she knew. Thank you to Tri-State Basset Rescue, they encouraged me to adopt her and even helped me with advice on helping her shed the pounds. A lot has changed in the three years I've had her - her name had to be changed slightly as MY name is also Jill. Since I had the name first, hers was changed to Jilly. She is also a happy svelte dog at 54 pounds. She loves to sleep on her bed, sleep in the sun, sleep on her food dish and sleep. anywhere she can (see a trend?) And she even has a little (BIG) basset brother named Dudley who is just as loved and spoiled as she is. Please, adopt these rescue and shelter dogs. They have so much love to give. And thank you to Tri-State Basset Rescue for finding me TWO wonderful furry children!
Jill J
Newark, DE