How he earned the name Brutis!

When we moved into a rental house in the rural TN mountains, I found a small (15 lbs) but loveable dog that had been abused and left behind. I named him Buddy and put food out for him. I already had a large dog and tried to find the new one a home. After a few weeks and no luck, it got cold and I brought him on the porch and made him a house. I was outside about a week later and was attacked by 2 very large mountain goats. I am a very small woman. Buddy ran around the goats biting at them until I could get away and then ran to the door where we both went inside. After that, we named him Brutis. Now he lives with us in the house and I can't imagine life without him! My other dog fell in love with him too! Now both dogs play together like puppies and Brutis is very happy and healthy. Brutis was my savior and he will always be a part of our family!
Kimberly & Daniel
Spring City, TN