How I saved my dog Dugan.

The Horseheads Animal Shelter found a litter of puppies on the side of the road. All four females had already passed away. Five males were still alive. Two of the males, including Dugan, were almost dead by the time they made it back to the Shelter. Luckily, Dugan and the other dog made it! Two weeks later, my mother and I went to the Shelter and saw the five male puppies. My mom wanted one but he was already on hold. I feel in love with Dugan! My mom's heart was set on the other dog, but Dugan won her over. Dugan has gotten hit by a car and we saved him from that too. It is now four years later and he is wonderful part of my family. He even sleeps with me every night and goes to 4-H with me every week.
Halie Stuart
Elmira, NY