How Oscar became a "she"

My girfriend's children witnessed a bag being thrown from a car. The bag was moving, and they went to investigate. Inside was a 3 week old kitten. Sue could not keep the kitten, and she called me. I took the little guy in, and the name Oscar ,seemed like a perfect fit. I took Oscar to my vet- who gave him the once over and started the kitten shots. 6 months later, I took " Osc" to get neutered. The vet took a look and said "No can do- Oscar is a little girl." Stupidly, I said "How did that happen?" When Osc was only 3 weeks old, the sex was almost impossible to tell- the little kitten only weighed 4 ounces. Needless to say- Oscar got spayed, and she is still with me- 13 years old, and cuddles with me every night. My life is so enriched from the cats who have adopted me.
Brenda Bushley
cheektowaga, NY