How Porch Cat healed two lives

After having to euthanize our 16 yr. old "baby", Paddy Paws, we were so distraught, that we thought we couldn't bear another "pet". Some time later, we changed our minds. Our schedules not being conducive for a pooch, we decided on another cat. Happy as larks with our decision, we both went to the door to get the morning paper and feel the fresh air ~~~ there was "Porch Cat" ! ! ! Skinny, and perhaps 6 moths old. Looking up with his big green eyes, and talking to us. That was almost 3 years ago. The happiness he has brought us is ten fold. He was our gift from Paws, and we will never forget it. We were meant to be, ~~~ he's a dog~cat ! ! Our puzzle is complete. His cousins' name is Mac, a story for later, found by Michaels daughter along side of the road about one year before. Now our family has a Mac AND a PC ! ! : )
Jane Price
Chesapeake, VA