I Almost Didn't Take Him

I bought a new boarding facility and decided to get a yellow tabby and a Siamese as barn cats. We also ended up with a grey and white tabby that I reluctantly let join my group. The Siamese quickly disappeared (probably “liberated” by a boarder), but Carmello (yellow tabby) and Pasqual did a great job keeping the barn rodent-free. Later, I sold that facility and purchased a private ranch. Carmello and Pasqual moved into the house because there was no barn. They stayed there safely until the day someone left the door open. We lost Carmello to a dog pack, but Pasqual had miraculously stayed inside. Over the 14 years I’ve had him, Pasqual has become my number one companion. He sleeps with me, sits at my feet when I’m on the computer, follows me as I do laundry, and even watches me from under the table when I’m cooking. If I’m watching TV, he likes to sprawl on the couch behind my head. Last month, he suddenly went from his former 20+ pounds to just 7 pounds due to diabetes. The veterinarian was afraid he would not recover, but we wanted to give him every chance. Now he gets two insulin shots a day, and is finally starting to gain back some of his weight. I know it’s not possible, but I really do wish he could live forever. He’s my “heart-cat.” It’s scary to realize I almost didn’t adopt him as a kitten.
Whendie Johnston
Stanfield, AZ