I didn't need another cat...

I had 3 kitty girls, all rescues adopted from local shelters. But I saw on the humane society’s web page that 2 little tortoiseshell sisters were going to their adoption center at Petsmart. I don’t know why, but I felt the sudden need to go see them. I was at work and had to get someone to cover for me so I could drive down. I ended up having to sit and wait because they hadn’t even arrived yet. But when they did the little 2 month old girls were adorable. I ended up choosing the one that was a little bit fuzzier and had to stop by the office to show her to my coworkers on the way home. However when I got her home one of my older girls hated her and kept trying to attack her. I had to keep them separated for a month, doing the site swapping and feeding on each side of a door. Finally it got to be too much so I put them both in the bedroom, holding a squirt bottle in 1 hand and a dangling toy in the other for distraction. After 30 minutes they were both OK. The baby is a year old now and rules the house. But I didn’t need another cat….
Janice Walden
Prescott Valley, AZ