I Didn't Save Her, She Saved Me

After having to put down my beloved cat after 16 years, I was devastated. My daughter insisted I go through photos of animals in need of rescue at my local shelter, but at first I declined as I knew my beautiful tabby Daisy could not be replaced. About a month or so later, I did browse through the site my daughter had recommended and stopped when I saw small dog sitting on a chair with a look on her face that said, "Please come get me." I thought the animal was white but it was hard to tell because she was so filthy. Her hair was wild but her eyes very gentle. And it was love at first sight. Ryan, boy's name, long story has been with me for four years. She hasn't replaced Daisy as she will always occupy a special place in my heart. However, she has brought me more happiness than I can adequately express in the remainder of the words I am allowed here. This 12 lb.former shelter dog owns my heart. When anyone asks if she is a rescue, I tell them she is but not the way they think. My now beautifully groomed maltese/papillon mix rescued me. I heartily recommend that anyone reading this adopts a shelter pet. I promise your life will be changed for the better.
Rosmaria Menna-Eichhorn
Babylon, NY