I found my family

It was a really hot day.... I was only 6 weeks old when I don't know why, but I found myself in a strange yard, there was this man who uses these things to walk around, I think humans call them crutches. I kept trying to get his attention but he kept shooing me away, It was a really long day but at the end of the day this nice lady turns up in a car and when she got out I was able to get her attention straight away, she crouched down and put her arms out and I ran straight to her. She picked me up and I felt safe... she carried me into the house and said to that man that I was sitting on the stairs, he told her he knew I was there because I was following him around the yard earlier. She asked him why didn't he bring me in, he said because they already had 4 cats and what they do with another cat. She put me down and I met my older brother Whinger and my oldest sister Meeca. I felt really safe, my new big brother was curious but she didn't let him hurt me. They decided they were going to name me Lyla but I didn't like that, the man accidentally said Layla and I answered straight away to that, so they named me Layla. That man became my grandpa and that nice lady I call her mamma. For the first few weeks I would sleep with grandpa and my big brother and oldest sister but grandpa said I play too much during the night so now I sleep in mamma's bed with 2 of my other sisters, Stalker and Maaza. I also have another brother Rocky who is a dog and another sister Princeza who is a dog as well. I love my family very much, but if I could say something to the people who left me there I would say thank you because I have a family that loves me unconditionally, even when I cause trouble LOL.
Sal Dz
Fairfield, Australia