I just couldn't leave him there...

When we moved from our one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house with a yard, my husband and I agreed immediately that we wanted a dog. Having always been animal lovers, that Tuesday we agreed to go to the shelter on the base my husband was stationed at, along with the animal shelter in the adjoining town where we lived to find that perfect pet. On my way to an appointment on Wednesday I decided to pop into the Fort Sill Animal Shelter. In an indoor/outdoor room with multiple kennels they actually had quite a small number of dogs. The first two kennels had yorkies, and then two kennels down I saw a beautiful Bull Mastiff. Although she was larger than what we were looking for, I was interested… Then I heard a small cry at the very end. I walked down the row and there he was; a black Labrador/Pit-bull just crying his heart out. His owner had been deployed, and the wife didn't want to take care of him during the 18-month deployment so she dropped him off the day after his owner left. It broke my heart. I didn't go to my appointment; instead I went back to work, called Danny and told him the story. He was at the shelter that afternoon filling out the paperwork, and brought him home the very next day! A year later we've moved back to New York where we are originally from, and Marley Lee II is enjoying his new life. Named after my husband's childhood dog, Marley loves sitting in his chair, cuddling, barking at the ducks in the canal behind our house and has recently discovered snow! We could not imagine our life without him, and are now looking for a second dog to keep him company!
Jaimie Lee
Freeport, NY