I Love Cake

I recently had to put down my cat Peppie. I had her since high school, and over time her health started to deteriorate heavily. I knew it was finally her time, and put her to sleep at the beginning of October. For a long time I was heavily stricken with grief and I started to hate myself for putting her down. I was then told by a co-worker that if I took Peppie’s life I should save another life. After a week I got the courage and went to the animal shelter to pick out a cat. After going through all the cats with an employee I came to a cat called “Halle”. The woman admitted that she had been here the longest out of all the young adult cats and everyone seem to dismiss her, despite her being a “sweet soul”. I remember seeing a profile picture of her on the SPCA website, and even I dismissed her as not the cat for me. But I felt bad for her, and decided to give her a chance that no one else gave her. So I adopted her. I was playing a video game, at the time, where you hire cats as your companions, and I named them after foods and decided to continue the theme with Halle –now named Cake. When I got her home Cake instantly warmed up to me and will follow me around the house and cuddle with me the minute I get home. I will never forget Peppie, but I don’t regret adopting Cake. She is the best little buddy and favorite dessert I can ask for. Please consider adopting adult cats from the SPCA.
Calgary, Canada