I Picked My New Best Friend

After having lost a beautiful dog that we had as a member of the family for 15 years, we had begun the journey of finding our new friend. We went to the local Animal Shelter on a beautiful spring day to "browse" to see if there were any new friends we might be interested in. I was still quite tearful and sad, but though it might help to look - it could not really hurt. As we entered the area when the dogs are kept in cages, I saw a cute little man who appeared to be part Shepherd and part Terrier who caught my eye. He was charming and kept barking at me as if saying "please take me home and save me". I went to look at other dogs, but this young pup stuck him nose through the cage bars and followed me as I walked the area. He kept barking and whimpering as if to say "I love you.....please please please pick me". Struck by his perseverance and charm, I took him outside to walk and get acquainted. The rest is history. This young man who would be letter named Otto was brought home that day. He won my heart and has become a family member. I will never forget that day and how this little pup really was the one that picked his new best friend.
Katherine Becker
Hamilton, OH