In the Land of Ocean City....

I was with my mom one day in Ocean City when we heard this very loud sound, it sounded like a cat meowing. We went over to the house next door and asked if it was the man's cat (he has a cat) and found out it wasn't his. We started looking for the cat and found where the noise was coming from, a tiny, hungry kitten in a tree. We kept coming back and trying to get the cat for a few days, with no luck. Finally, one day we caught what we found out to be a 'him'. We took him to the vet, making sure he was okay. We found out that he was 9-12 weeks old. Now, over a year later, the cutie has gained his spot as 'cutest cat' in our house full of cats. He has also become a very happy, spoiled house cat. After going to and fro with possible names, we stuck with Chance, because we gave him a chance at life.
Ocean City, MD