Industry kitty

Our beloved kitty had to be put to sleep. He was over 17 years old and there was nothing more the vet could do. We were devastated and not ready to adopt yet but the universe had other plans. One day I stopped at a gas station in an industrial zone. A factory worker was petting a tiny kitten. After filling my tank I drove over to check it out, because this was really no place for a kitten. The worker had already left but the kitten was still there. He mewed and wanted to be picked up, so I did just that. He clung to me and purred like a tiny Ferrari. There was no one around. This was a high traffic dangerous industrial area. I still had a cat carrier in the car, so I packed up the kitten and took him to a local vet. They confirmed that he was about 8-10 weeks old and had no chip. I then took him back to the place where I found him and asked around if anyone knew him. They did. I was told that he was owned by a man who apparently lived somewhere in the industry zone. Then they told me that he got this cat only to catch and kill mice. Huh? They said he was outside all the time and that he was mostly neglected by his owner. I was boiling mad. They could not tell me where this man's place was exactly, only that he stopped by for snacks once in a while. I could not leave this little baby there alone because it was outright dangerous.So I took him home. As required, I listed him with a picture on the national missing/found animal centre webpage, where this man could find him and contact me. He never did (lucky for him as I would have come with the animal protection agency) and after 2 months he is now officially ours. We also adopted another rescue kitten since then so that Bentley now has a friend. He is spoiled and happy....never to be neglected again.
Langwiesen, Switzerland