It takes a villiage

When I was a kitten my family was on the streets. My mom was somewhat tame but my siblings and I were wild. A kind lady saw my mom and followed her to find us. She took all 5 of us in her home even though she already had 4 other cats. She knew what kind of life we would have if we stayed on the streets. She showed us that humans are good and with her help we became less scared. She feed and sheltered us and when we were old enough she contacted a local no-kill shelter who helped us all have the medical attention we needed. She found good homes for my mom and siblings but for some reason I was the last one to find a home. She was about to move away and worried about me. Luckily the no-kill shelter had an open spot and I went to live there but I didn't have to stay long. Two days later my forever human mommy came and took me to my forever home. Her nieces' named me Willy Wonka. Everyone calls me Willy. I spend the day following her around, sleeping and watching the animals from the backyard window. One day I am gong to get that squirrel. I am very happy. I would be even happier if someone could convince my human mommy to give me treats all day long.
Stanley, VA