Its always sunny in Philadelphia

It was a chilly day in January 2008 when my wife and I, decided to pass through one of the local shelters to look for a dog. Well my wife went begrudgingly due to my insistence on wanting a dog. The second we walked into the PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) in Center City Philadelphia we fell in love with Lady the Beagle. She was so timid when we approached to pet and play, but loosened up immediately and took a special liking to my wife (she went to sit on my wife's lap several times during playtime). We left the shelter and began to walk to the car to discuss how the adoption of a dog would change our lives. After about a block, we turned around and adopted Lady. We had no supplies, so off to the pet store we went. I'll never forget how we came about choosing a bed for her - because i had no idea how else to do it, I grabbed one off the shelf and had her sit in it. Not even thirty seconds later, she was lying snuggled against the side. What a feeling we had at that moment knowing that we were going to make a homeless dog comfortable. She quickly annointed our house as her furever home having free reign of all rooms with open doors, which weren't many, but after several weeks everyone was on schedule. I like to think of Lady as a Human's best friend, not just Man's - she brings a smile to everyone who passes us on our walks, It's nice coming home to my wife, but there's something about coming home to a howling beagle with a wagging tail! And my wife agrees!!!
Philadelphia, PA