Jack and rose

We were living in a small town of storm lake Iowa and my and my brother were begging for a pet for Christmas, we wanted a dog but my parents were thinking a cat , so they left us at our grandparents and they went to city 2 hours away to shop for christmas and told us they may come back with a pet. all day me and my brother waited and waited for them to get back and have a pet. well 4 pm showed up and here were my parents with no pet , they said they decided to wait , so we bundled in the car and drove home , on the way my parents said we could open one present . when we got home and opened the door the cutest little kitten was sitting in our kitten playing with a string . THEY HAD GOTTEN US ONE , well as we struggle on a name , my parents decided we could name him , so we decided to name him after Jack and Rose from titanic so he became Jack and since then that happy little kitten has brighten our lives for 14 years now , he has been with us from our big move to Portland oregon and everything else

hillsboro, OR