Jackson's Tough First Months

My mom got a call from my little brother's daycare asking her if she would like to take in a stray kitten. We already had a few cats and didn't think we could take in another. Once we found out that this kitten had been neglected and tortured by kids around the neighborhood, we knew immediately that the kitten should come live with us. We thought that we would nurse him back to health and see if another family would want to take him. I was in high school at the time and after school I went to pick up my little brother and the new kitten. I saw him and loved him instantly. His nose was scratched up, his whiskers were burned off, his ear had a rip in the top and he was severely malnourished. He was scared and shaking when I put him in my car and on the ride home, I was trying to think of a name that would suit him. Jackson Theo. That first night he sat by the food bowl and ate so much, he fell asleep next to it. One of our older cats, Carl, took care of Jackson and showed him the "ropes" of the fat lazy house cat. After a vet visit, we found out that Jackson was probably born in the middle of August 2008, which was the same time my little brother was born. He and Jackson share birthdays. Since then, we decided to keep Jackson and he has become the mentor for any other kitten we've taken in and he has taught them the "ropes" of the house cat and how to cause trouble without actually getting in trouble. He is now a happy cat who loves his kittens and his people.
Stillwater, OK