Jamie was found chained up to a fence in a 3ft by 5ft pen, in someone's backyard and the grass was overgrown by 2-3 ft. You could barely see Jamie back in the pen. She had no food or water and she was skin and bones. I took her from the yard and went straight to my vet. She was only 20lbs she had full blown heartworms and on the verge of dying. But I told the vet I would pay for anything she needed and i would keep her. It's been 4 years since that day and Jamie is now 92lbs,healthy and strong!! She's the smartest most lovable dog I've ever been lucky enough to have! She's very protective of me and our home. She runs the house, with all of her stuffed animal toys that grandma brings over for her. For Christmas I got my dad a t-shirt from the Rescue site that reads "Ask me about my grandog!" He loves it!!
Pembroke Pines, FL