Jake, who made us smile again

We lost Alex, our 16 year old Bishon/Cocker on vacation in May 08. We brought his ashes home with us, and grieved, along with my brother and sister in law who lost their 16 yr old on Good Friday. The grief was overwhelming. The silence deafening, but we said NO more.. So in mid June, web searching, found PETFINDER,, and somehow, GIZMO appeared, in Lexington, KY. I contacted Mindy, and within days we went to meet him. My husband said, we would look but not adopt, so when on June 22,08 we walked in and "Gizmo" sat on my husband's foot, and upon picking him up he licked my husband, he said sign the papers.. Gizmo is now JAKE, named after the Pirates of the Carribean song FEED JAKE and he is a joy, He has been to obedience class, and he loves to travel, he has been to Canada. When you turn the bathroom sink on he comes running to get his teeth brushed. Our 5 yr old Grandaughter adores him, and the residents at the local Nursing home can't wait to see him again, All the neighborhood dogs come to our porch looking for him, and we are planning his 1st birthdya party on April 24th. He is so gentle and loving and is very smart and mostly he has brought love and smiles back to our home, He will never replace ALEX, he made his own space, We are truly blessed

Donna Ramey
Jeffersonville, IN