Jazz and Rocy

One day while picking up my son from the hospital (his wife couldn't get off work) I told him I had this feeling that there was a little MinPin that just needed a forever home. We had some time so I went to the Omaha Humane Society and they told me they had one that was scheduled for euthanasia (they had him for a few months and because of some deformities noone had shown any interest). I told them that I wanted to stop that and take him home. Turned out he was the sweetest little boy, he had had broken legs that were never fixed (but it didn't stop him from being Rocky) and his ears were not cropped. After a long time trying to convince them to call my vet (their policy was to bring all other animals in to see if they got along, and I have a protection German Shepherd), they finally called my vet and he went home with us. I have had him for 5 years and all my dogs love him to pieces! He even gets really playful with my 110# Rott'n'Lab...who is another rescue I have had for 4 yrs. In July of 2008 I found another MinPin who has some heart problems and is an older dog. She is in the picture with Rocky and her name is Jazz...she has brought more love to me and the other dogs, and she gave Rocky someone his own size. This pic was her first day with us and you could see the excitement in Rocky's face...like, WOW is she really for ME!
Shari Rose
Anna, OH