Jingle Bells, our best friend

Our cat Jingle Bells came from the Animal Orphanage in Old Town, ME. She was brought to the shelter with a dislocated hip. She had five tiny kittens who had to be raised by a foster mom kitty. The day I met her, our vet had to put our old cat to sleep, and afterwards Dr. Volk said, "I've got someone out back I think you should meet". As soon as she saw me, this kitty started singing and wanted a belly rub! After a couple of months recuperating at the shelter, she came to live with us. She's sweet-tempered and well-behaved - a joy to have around. I'd encourage people who want a cat, dog or other pet to give a loving home to an animal from a shelter or rescue program. Your best friend may be waiting for you at your local shelter!
Connie Rand
Lincoln, ME