Joey Boy

I had been looking for a new kitty after losing my beloved "Murphy" to cancer last year. Murphy was a foundling that lived to be 18 years old and was very much missed. I found "Joey" - believed to be a Himalayin/Rag Doll mix - through Pet Finders. When I first saw him, he was in a back corner of a small room with many other cats who also needed homes. He was ill with horrible ear mites, a urinary tract and upper respiratory infection and didn't seem to care much what I did with him. After a lot of love and care, he is now completely well and full of mischief. He brings my husband and I continual joy. I not only was able to get this little animal back to health, but I now have another wonderful "life time" friend. He follows me everywhere.
Sharon Schuck
Jarrettsville, MD