Josie - Love Sponge/Personality Plus

Josie was a young, heart-worm positive stray picked up by a kill shelter in MD. Fortunately, the county SPCA stepped in and she was treated and adopted out only to be brought back within 3 months. (She was a chewer.) I saw her picture on and went to see her at a pet adoption show. She was just so adorable and so personable. I felt like I had known her for years. I didn't really think we would get her as so many others had signed up to adopt her. We had recently lost Moxie, our 14 yr. old female JRT mix, and I was just devastated. Imagine our joy when we were chosen to be Josie's new family! Josie stepped in and immediately filled the void of our loss a million times over. She is just a virtual love sponge. My husband says she could lick you until she virtually ran out of spit! Such a joy and so funny too. The things she does make us laugh everyday. We took a chance on her and she on us and, in the end, we all won. The chewing ran its course and we couldn't be happier nor could she. She now has a "brother", Jeeves, (also an adopted JRT) a nice yard to play in and is spoiled rotten. I even make their dog food. She found her "forever home" and we found our "forever dog." Rescued dogs are just the best!
Lorri Mechem
Warrenton, VA