We had Stripes up until he was hit by a car and we had to make that decision. I was heartbroken. However we still had 3 others, we loved. 2 weeks after that an identical gray striped kitten came strolling up our front walk. He was the spitting image of Stripes! He never left. I found out that he was living across the street, but the people were abusive. So I begged and pleaded but finally got my way and Junior stayed. Junior was Junior because of who he looked like. No other name would do. Junior loved everyone and everyone loved him. He owned the neighborhood. He was an in/out cat but during the winter we tried to keep him inside as he had a respitory problem where he wheezed in the cold weather.We had him almost 5yrs. As I said, he preferred to be outside even in the rainy weather. He would sit at the top of the stairs to the second floor of our building and look down on everything. 4 days before Christmas this past year a rottweiler running loose chased him down those stairs and around the building and across the street where poor Junior fought a bitter battle but in the end he lost his fight. We buried him behind our bushes in a g rave fit for a king. Everyone who knew him came by like it was a wake for a human. I talk to him daily but I miss him so much.
Kathie Gindling