Jupiter - the love of my life...

In 2015 I started fostering for the local Humane Society, beginning with a Pomeranian successfully adopted about 3 weeks later. I'd resisted earlier requests to foster kittens because I already had 3 inside cats, 1 inside/outside cat and 2 outside Toms I'd gotten altered in the Spring. All were rescues, either from a shelter or strays left abandoned by their owners. I didn't NEED another cat. BUT the foster coordinator kept emailing requests to the foster families for SO many cats and kittens in need of fostering. I gave in and took in a total of 14 between March and August. Some were nearly feral, sick or too small to feed themselves. 12 found furever homes with nice families and 2, Dove and Jupiter, joined my family, doubling my solid black cat population to 4. When Jupiter arrived he wouldn't eat, I think because he was depressed about being separated from his Mom. He'd just been weaned. (He and his mom were taken to the shelter when he was 3 days old.) I fed him for 2 days using KMR mixed with wet kitten food via an eye dropper and it took 2 weeks before he would eat on his own. Soon after he was climbing my jeans to catch a ride on my shoulder, being careful not to claw me up too much. He still rides on my shoulder every day, sometimes nibbling my earlobes or kissing my cheek. He talks to me when he sees me and snuggles with me in bed, along with most of the others. He loves my dogs, as do my other cats, and happily plays with all of them daily. I can't imagine life without his beautiful orange eyes looking into mine silently telling me I'm the love of his life too.
Jefferson, OR