Just a Black Ball of Fur in the Snow

Cold, below zero, February, and this little black ball of fur kept appearing at my door. But, if I attempted to open the door it would disappear. I did all I could to keep this little one warm, with food and warm milk available so just maybe I could keep him alive. I was fearful that he would freeze to death. My husband was even concerned enough to go with me to look for him. We followed his tracks in the snow and searched every nook and crany. Under the wood pile, behind this and that. Finally, there he was, but out of reach. Just about the time I was sure we had him....off he went like a jack rabbit being chased by a fox. "We'll just have to keep trying.. If he only knew what lays beyond those glass doors.., Warmth and a whole lot of love." It took several weeks, but we finally got that poor little abandoned kitten to trust us and make it inside. 2 days later, we managed to win over his confidence enough that I could bath him and brush out all the mangled and knoted hair around his neck. His poor little stub of a tail had some frost bite but the Vet gave him a clean bill of health. It's been two years now and he trusts me and won't leave my side. He knows I need someone to keep me company and is extra cautious of my health. Knowing I have trouble going up stairs, he waits for me and won't go more than 3 ahead of me. I am so blessed to have him and he couldn't have picked a better place to call his home! From the movie CARS...we have named him "MATER", because of his big green eyes!
Sunbury, PA