"Just look at those eyes!"

I had recently lost my dachshund and was reluctant to adopt another dog so soon when a neighbor called to say they had found my Rottweiler mix wandering around a local lake with no collar or ID. She had worms, fleas and had recently given birth. We concluded that after providing her previous owners with a litter of pups, she of no further use to them. Or, that she was too gun-shy to be useful as a hunting dog. So while I knew expensive vet bills and lots of exercise were in our future together, it didn't take me long for me to say YES! when I saw those eyes and her rare beauty for the first time. I named her "Gypsy" in honor of her wandering life before we met and the mysterious origin of those light blue eyes. I am 65, live alone and give thanks every day for her loyal protection, love and companionship on our long walks together. She sure keeps me moving! Everyone who meets Gypsy can't help but say, "Just look at those eyes!"
Sue Chaney
Cincinnati, OH