I agreed to foster this adorable doggy since the rescue group I have worked with before was having no luck with him.Rescued just hours before he was to be put to sleep, they soon discovered that he was extremely fearful toward people, probably due to his broken hip that someone dumped him off at the pound with and no one at shelter noticed. He lived in this pain for over 3 weeks before he was rescued..Irresistably cute, most people would want to adopt him but once they came close, he would lunge and nip. He had learned that people equal pain. I drove him home in a crate and was told to ignore him. Half way home I had to let him out of the crate. Within minutes he crawled onto my lap and went to sleep. We bonded immediately. He still has some issues with people but every day he gets more and more trusting. He has become our best friend and he fits into our family of 2 other dogs and 3 cats perfectly. We are so lucky to have this sweet, affectionate, loving and beautiful dog.
Cornell, CA