My mom and I were going to her house one day when her truck broke down. When we pulled off the road, we heard what sounded like a kitty. As we were working on the truck, this pretty little calico came out from behind the hedges and went straight to me. Scared she would get on the highway, I put her in the truck for her safety. She went to the drivers seat, stood with her front paws on the steering wheel and said "Meow", as if she were saying "Let's go." On a whim, I tried starting the truck and it started right up as if nothing had ever been wrong. Then I got a good look at the kitty - she was severely emaciated and had a wound on her back with two puncture wounds. It took me all of 2 seconds to decide to take her with me. I was unemployed at the time, having just relocated back home to be close to my parents. One and half hours later, the phone rang and I got an interview. I've been at my job for over a year now and love it. Jynx is my good luck charm.
Constance Mills
Montevallo, AL