Pulling into the parking lot at the condo I rented in Maui I was shocked to see a little black kitten run under a parked car. Being the animal lover I am, I rolled my luggage over and tried to pet the cat, she came out instantly to say hi. For the 10 days I was there every time I went out to the parking lot there she was, so I would hang out with her for a bit. One night it was pouring down rain so I went down to the parking lot and snuck the cat up to my room. I quickly realized she was covered in fleas, so I gave her a bath and she must have been happy to get them off of her because she just sat in the tub. Two days before I was supposed to go home I inquired about the cat, and the office staff told me she just showed up a few months ago. They had been feeding her but she didn't have a home. I decided she needed a home of her own, but the process of bring an animal to or from Hawaii is complicated and I wouldn't have time to take care of everything before I left. Luckily one of the ladies in the office offered to take her to the vet for me and put her on a plane with my parents who were flying back a week later. She brought back fleas, and a hatred of the litter box, but I wouldn't change it for the world. She definately picked me for a reason and I'm glad to give her a home.
Seattle, WA