katie kat

One day while working in the kennel of an animal hospital I was asked to go over to the hospital side of the building to get some special food for one of our day care dogs. As I was making my way through the empty waiting room area I noticed a small cage in the corner. What caught my eye was a pair of the sweetest-sparkley eyes looking out from under a blanket in the litter box of the cage. The kitten had been found earlier that morning. One look at her tiny face and her adorable squeak of a meow and I was hooked. I spent my entire lunch break in the room I hid her in so nobody else could take her while I was working . "Thumbelina" turned out more like a Katie Kat and after a couple phone calls and numerous excellent references from our own vet Katie found a new forever home with my parents that weekend. She couldn't have a better family or life. She has 2 sisters Sandy-my parents other rescue ( a cocker/beagle) and Sabrina-my brothers misunderstood beauty (cat) they both love her very much. Sandy likes to snuggle with her all the time. Katie is such an addition to the family whether she's sitting on her own little stool by the glass front door looking out at lizards and squirrels, flopped on her back in the middle of the kitchen (just hangin out- being seen), or sitting on her own pillow in the den watching tv with everybody. She has even brought the cat lover out of my dad since she doesn't bolt out of the room when he goes to pick her up...he's more of a dog person...shhh. She is loved and spoiled now (especially by me- her "Guardian Angel")
Largo, FL