Katie's One Year Miracle

Katie was a mutt, part German Shepherd, a little Husky, perhaps some lab, and a whole lot of love to share. She was one of the dogs under my care at the humane society I had worked at. Katie had been at the shelter for a couple of weeks, and space was limited. Ultimately my boss decided her time was up, so that another dog could have a chance. But I had this feeling that Katie could get someone interested in her if she just had one more chance. So after a discussion with my boss, she allowed Katie to have the weekend. Sure enough, someone wanted her! I was thrilled, Katie was saved! The adoption fell through. Katie was once again slated for euthanasia. Explaining all of her good points, I fought for her. She just need the time to wait for the right family to come along. After hesitation, my boss agreed to give her until the end of the week, and that was it. Katie got another interested family, and this time she went home! A year later I had changed jobs and was working at a veterinary clinic. One day this oddly familiar dog came in, very ill. It took me awhile to realize that it was that very same Katie (still with the same name). Even very ill, her uncontrollable tail wagged furiously when she saw anyone. While she was in hospital, I cared for her like she was my own. It ended up that Katie needed emergency surgery to fine the cause of illness. During surgery, a large, irremovable mass was found. Her owners elected euthanasia before she woke up. Though in the end, Katie was gone, she died peacefully asleep. She got a whole year of love, play, and family fun times.
DeFuniak Springs, FL