Hi my name is Tracie and I'm a former DOGS ONLY person. I'd never had a cat in til 5 years ago. Now I'm a cat Lover too thanks to Keeba and Jackson! Keeba belonged to my fiancee s daughter. I moved in with my 2 dogs at the time and probably rocked this cats world. But to spite that he accepted them just fine. They became buddy's but with a love hate vibe. The daughter was 17 at that time and payed very little attention to Keeba neglecting his litter box letting his food go stale. So I started cleaning the box and feeding him. And through Jackson I started learning about how to care for a cat. 2 years later the daughter moves out and my fiancé was gonna take Keeba to a no kill shelter but by that time he and I had bonded so I said NO! Fast forward to now and the picture above shows our love for each other. I captured what I belive is a slow blink back, he is a different cat from 5 years ago, playful, loving, chatty and sociable and I love him!
Tracie Smith
Lexington, KY