Keisha comes home

In 2004, I was looking for a dog. I'd wanted one for a long time. I went to the shelter and saw a dog that was 26 pounds. This was just right for me, because I thought I'd be moving into an apartment, and some of the complexes only take smaller dogs. Keisha was a furry black and brown spaniel mix. She was in a cage between two huge dogs, who were barking their heads off, and poor Keisha looked like she could use some relief. The shelter worker let her out, and we had Keisha walk around on a leash for a while. I sat on a bench and the dog walked over to my side. I pet her, and she was so sweet, I knew she'd be good at home. Five years later, I don't know what I did without her. She is the sweetest dog in the world. I still joke with Mom and Dad that the $55 adoption fee was the best money I ever spent in my life.
Donna Rail
Port Richey, FL