Kill shelter rescue

I was moving out of my parents house and going to be alone for the first time. The day I moved into my apartment my Mom took me to a local kill shelter in town to adopt a cat. I looked at all the cats and one white and black cat caught my eye. She was the only white and black in the room. She sat in the back of the cage all by herself and did not meow or carry on. She looked terrified. I picked her up and she literally shook in fear but managed a small quiet purr. She was only 5 months old and I decided I'd adopt her. We could not take her out of the room to pay for her. They made us put her back in her cage and go upfront to pay. Then go back and get her from her cage. I had forgotten which cage was she was in. I knew she was the only white and black in the room. I stood at the door of the cat room and said' "OKAY where are you?" All of a sudden a little white paw came out and waved. I walked over to the waving paw and their she was my white and black newly adopted cat. I know in my heart she was going, "here I am, I am here. That was 16 years ago and we are still together. .
Lisa Tomlin
Huntington, WV