King Fred

We'd been searching frantically for 2 weeks to find another furbaby after we'd had to have our beloved Misty put to sleep due to cancer. There was one very big catch. I couldn't bear to look at a happy, healthy dog with the idea of giving it a home so soon after losing our baby. When the local shelter called to tell us about a Japanese Chin we didn't know what it was and I couldn't work up any enthusiasm. But when we saw this poor little scrap of fur that reeked of kennel stench, had a crookedly healed but formerly broken lower jaw, and was 1/3 under body weight he was absolutely irresistable! He had no teeth and was so beaten down he wouldn't respond to touch or sound so I knew we had to do something about that! We had him neutered and vetted; then took him home to love him better. He was soon responding to the words 'eat' and 'dinner' but the only way we could hold him was to catch him. We did a lot of rocking and cuddling with him and he soon started doing his little Chin Spin at sight of us. But it was two months before he let out one tiny little woof and that was in response to his Daddy coming into the sitting room. He's in his forever home now and has completely taken over.
Doe Run, MO