Kit the Wonder Dog

She started out OK, this beauty of a husky-shephard, but when her owners had a baby, they learned that she wasn't a "kid dog". They thought they had found her a good home, and off she went. Fast forward two years, she finds herself in a rural town pound, with a broken tail, broken tooth, frequent seizures, totally filthy and her gorgeous fur matted beyond recognition. The caretaker at the pound only told us that she 'seems sad'. Off to the vet and groomer she went, and slowly but surely, the siezures went away and her furry tail started to wag. And wag. And wag. Her now-bright eyes shown like diamonds, and she was 'one of us'. One day after a hike, we stopped at the farm store for some supplies. Working there, unbeknownst to us, was her original owner. I came out of the store to find a girl crying at my car window, calling "Snoopy, you saved my Snoopy!" She told me the whole story, how she had fallen out of the truck of owner #2, and he never bothered to try and find her. After first making sure she understood she could NOT have her back, we promised to visit once in a while and off we went, armed with new knowledge of her age (10!!) and beginnings. Miss Kit is 15 years old now, and one of the loves of my life. The pure joy this dog exudes is remarkable, and she's as fit as a 15-year old fiddle could be. This household has been blessed by her energy and love. Thanks for providing a place to tell her story.
Woodstock, CT