Kitten in the Road at a Stop Sign

When my husband and I got our first place in 1993 I announced that I needed a kitten. He said he’s not a cat person. I adopted a baby tabby from the shelter, he named Jimmi and they quickly bonded. After a year clearly he was my Husbands cat! It was mid summer and we had picked up a used car, late that night we decided to go for a drive. On our way back at a stop sign was a kitten standing in the middle of the road! He said if you catch him you can keep him! Seconds later I was pulling him out of the bushes. His eyes were crusted shut, crusty nose,ears black with mites, and covered in fleas. I named him Puzzle. The vet said he probably wouldn’t make it. I had the privilege of his companionship for almost 18 years. Was so hard to say goodbye. A year later a similar looking cat showed up on my deck. I call her a gift from my Angel Puzzle.
Mrs. O
Hartland, WI