Kitty Bunch with celebrity Traci K at Christmas sighted.

While dealing with hardship and struggles after my competition days and transitioning from military life there were nights that were a bit much. Then one day I found a kitty hit by a car and saved off the road on a scorching day. I brought it back to life rushing it to the nearest animal emergency but they said that the cost would be high and it was serverly damaged from the hit. I knew then my heart went out to animals who need healthcare like we all did during the times. My heart broken the following week a beautiful grey striped female came knocking on my door and I was in love. She was pregnant and I helped her deliver them the week of the Emmys that I was nominated for and off to California. They were actually born on the last presidents birthday. And I have become a crazy cat lady since with T-shirt and all. I decided to be part of no testing on makeup and became an ambassador for my BWC project. And almost every chance I get I click on Greater Good site to contribute. I have helped get many cats and dogs adopted and I foster when I can. My Kitty Bunch is ESA also registered cause they have saved my life maybe once or twice. I would get these nite terrors and shakes that were bad. Now my Cats jump on me and check on me to make sure I am okay. They also provide a calming loving atmosphere and in return I spoil them when I can. It sometimes bothers me when on TV shows talk and joke about relationships being that no hope for single woman and lots of kitties in the future. Please NO. I think there are ton of men who are A list that love cats right? Cause they are my kids and adorable. Thank you for the paw necklace I wear it.
Traci K
Dayton, OH