Late Books

I had some late books and movies I borrowed from the library and figured I'd watch at least one movie before taking them back. Right in the middle of the movie I had the urge to take them back RIGHT NOW. So, I did. It was the middle of summer here in Tucson, Arizona. The library parking lot was full, and I tucked my late books and movies in the outside chute. Right then, I heard a meow and saw a gray blur race by. There he was... rolling in the dirt. Hot, dehydrated, somehow his tail was gone. I scooped him up and took him to my vet. Tests showed he was FIV positive. No ideas on how he lost his tail. He was also deaf. So, he became part of my family. Loving, loveable, loud and sweet. He stayed with us here until he died two months ago... His name? LB - for Late Books of course.
Tucson, AZ