Left behind for me

Just a month ago, I was leaving from work with my dog name 10( he is a rescue as well) to go get him a new collar and see how he would do again in the pet store, for some reason I turned right when I left the office, there was what I thought a dead pup, So naturally ME, I pulled back into the office to pick him up so I could bury him in our special resting place at home, and when I got ther the most beautiful green eyes looked at me with saddness and pain. I struggled to get him in the car and took him to the emergency clinic. We were unsure what the outcome was going to be as he had neurological damage and could not walk. With this Linbar- my new little fellows name, had mange, and was in poor health. He was moved to my Vet and stay for approximately a week, Amazingly, he started to walk - mostly GIMP around and fall, but these were sign of great success. I think with me visiting twice a day, Linbar just knew that someone loved him and cared for his wellbeing. Today Linbar is into EVERYTHING, he is still gimpy and has a few issues, but my other 10 dogs tolerate him and he has become best friends with 10. But Most of all, I am thrilled that Jesus put him in my path because he knew that I would be Linbar AHA moment for Life.
christina ward
Nashville, TN