Lexie The Lovely

With a heavy heart, I started my search for a new cat. I lost my beautiful Bella to a speeding car much too soon, she was only a couple of years old. My canines Sadie & Kit and I missed having a cat around, so even though I wasn't "ready", I set out to the local shelters and sanctuaries. After a weekend of meeting maybe 200 cats, most happy and allowed the run of their space, I stopped at the municipal pound, a place where the animals aren't so lucky. There she was, a skinny little tabby who had already had too many kittens in her young life. The workers told me she was very nice and had raised an adopted brood as well as a couple of her own. Sounded to me like she had spent enough time pregnant and locked up in a 3X3 cell, so I took her home. As is recommended, I tried to introduce her to my dogs slowly, but she would have none of that. She paraded right out of her "safe space" and flopped right down onto Big Sadie's feet. It was pretty clear that this cat had no fear, and the dogs accepted her immediately. Now it was my turn. Still mourning the loss of Bella, it was tough to devote my cat-love to Lexie at first, but she won me over, too. After spaying she plumped up (I'm being kind), and is the world's biggest love-bug. Everyone who meets her is amazed at her charm. She is my shadow and constant companion INDOORS ONLY. Although I live in the country and she would like nothing better than to go out with her dogs, I can't bear the thought of losing another friend to the road. Long Live Lexie Loo!
Woodstock, CT